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Penta, a renaissance marked by innovation and commitment

As a multinational industrial leader, Penta is more determined than ever to guarantee your safety at every intervention. With our new corporate identity and a complete overhaul of our website and digital essence, we offer you even more services and first-rate electrical safety solutions to support you in your essential missions. Today, Penta is the essential partner for linemen, maintenance technicians, electricians and all those who work on power generation, transmission and distribution networks around the world. We understand how crucial every intervention is for you and the community you serve.


Our core missions : Protect, Safeguard and Work

At Penta, we excel in a multitude of fields, covering the entire spectrum of electrical safety. Our fields of activity include power generation, power transmission, power distribution, substations, cables and connections, industry, electric traction, electric mobility and civil security. Wherever your mission takes you, Penta is there for you. But we don't stop there, we've defined three fundamental missions that guide your work, and ours as well: PROTECT, because we're dedicated to protecting workers. We provide you with individual and collective protective equipment, all compliant with current standards, to guarantee the health and safety of all those involved in your operations, SECURE, because making your working environment safe is our priority. We design and manufacture specific equipment for your networks, guaranteeing a safe worksite for everyone involved, even under live conditions. And finally, our WORK part, as we provide you with the tools you need to carry out your tasks in complete safety. Our state-of-the-art tools are designed to help you carry out your technical work efficiently.


Discover Penta: your ally in electrical safety

We're delighted to introduce you to Penta, your essential partner in electrical safety. Explore our website to discover our new solutions, products and services, and don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about how we can help you carry out your assignments safely. You can now also follow us on all our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and even Tik Tok! All are available at the bottom of this page. Your safety is our top priority, because Our Work Begins Where Your Life Might End.

How do you test your insulating gloves ?

Rigorous compliance for total peace of mind

When it comes to electrical safety, the EOS pneumatic tester is there to make life easier and safer for electricians. In compliance with the strict requirements of standard 60903 (EN and IEC), the EOS ensures that your Class 00 and 0 gloves are always ready for use. It makes it easy to carry out the rigorous normative checks, including air leak tests and visual inspections under pressure. These procedures, necessary to detect any potential defects in your gloves, are crucial to the safety of electricians, who work in many high-risk environments.


Reliable gloves for all your work

EOS-tested gloves don't just protect you against electrical hazards. They are also resistant to acids, oil and ozone, and are designed to perform even in the most extreme conditions. The colour and finish of the gloves, adapted to local preferences, in no way affect their effectiveness. However, good storage practice - cool, dark and in their original packaging - is essential to maintain their quality over the long term. EOS plays an active part in ensuring that your equipment is well preserved between and during inspections, so you can focus on your work with absolute confidence.


Your trusted partner for safety

Choosing the EOS pneumatic tester means choosing not to compromise on safety. This tester doesn't just check the integrity of your gloves; it gives you peace of mind that your protective equipment meets the most demanding standards. For electricians, this means real time savings, allowing them to concentrate fully on their job. EOS is more than just a tool; it's a reliable partner who looks after your safety every day.

Adapting our power grids to climate change

An era of climatic challenges for power grids

Climate change is redefining the rules of the game for the world's energy infrastructures. Extreme weather events, increasingly frequent and violent, are testing the robustness of our networks. Storms, floods, and heatwaves are no longer anomalies, but realities with which we must contend on a daily basis. These phenomena reveal the vulnerabilities of our systems and force us to rethink their design and management. The resilience of today's power grids is not just a matter of being able to repair quickly after a disaster, but requires strategic anticipation and continuous adaptation to cope with these new threats.


Responding through innovation and modernization

To build an energy system capable of withstanding the onslaught of climate change, network modernization is essential. The integration of renewable energies, the development of intelligent energy management technologies and the improvement of critical infrastructures, such as transformers, are all levers for increasing resilience. These innovations not only help to minimize the impact of disasters, but also to guarantee the supply of our homes and structures on a sustainable basis. In the face of these unprecedented challenges, these advances are the foundations on which the future stability of our energy supply will rest.


Lessons from recent disasters

Recent events, such as storm Ciarán in November 2023, show us the scale of the challenges ahead. With winds of 156 km/h plunging more than 1.2 million homes into darkness, the urgent need to reinforce our networks is becoming more than obvious - it's becoming necessary. These climatic crises, reminiscent of the Lothar and Martin storms of 1999, underline the importance of a prudent, well-equipped approach to managing damaged sites. The creation of suitable tools for such interventions, such as those developed by Penta, is crucial to ensure maximum safety for technicians and affected populations. These tools are not just technical aids, they represent a commitment to the lives and safety of those involved in recovery and reconstruction operations.


These perspectives highlight how vital it is to rethink our approach to power system safety and resilience. By combining strategic preparation, technical innovation, and feedback, we can aspire to a future where our networks are not only able to survive climatic challenges, but also to adapt and thrive despite these adversities.

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