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Penta, a renaissance marked by innovation and commitment

As a multinational industrial leader, Penta is more determined than ever to guarantee your safety at every intervention. With our new corporate identity and a complete overhaul of our website and digital essence, we offer you even more services and first-rate electrical safety solutions to support you in your essential missions. Today, Penta is the essential partner for linemen, maintenance technicians, electricians and all those who work on power generation, transmission and distribution networks around the world. We understand how crucial every intervention is for you and the community you serve.


Our core missions : Protect, Safeguard and Work

At Penta, we excel in a multitude of fields, covering the entire spectrum of electrical safety. Our fields of activity include power generation, power transmission, power distribution, substations, cables and connections, industry, electric traction, electric mobility and civil security. Wherever your mission takes you, Penta is there for you. But we don't stop there, we've defined three fundamental missions that guide your work, and ours as well: PROTECT, because we're dedicated to protecting workers. We provide you with individual and collective protective equipment, all compliant with current standards, to guarantee the health and safety of all those involved in your operations, SECURE, because making your working environment safe is our priority. We design and manufacture specific equipment for your networks, guaranteeing a safe worksite for everyone involved, even under live conditions. And finally, our WORK part, as we provide you with the tools you need to carry out your tasks in complete safety. Our state-of-the-art tools are designed to help you carry out your technical work efficiently.


Discover Penta: your ally in electrical safety

We're delighted to introduce you to Penta, your essential partner in electrical safety. Explore our website to discover our new solutions, products and services, and don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about how we can help you carry out your assignments safely. You can now also follow us on all our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and even Tik Tok! All are available at the bottom of this page. Your safety is our top priority, because Our Work Begins Where Your Life Might End.

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