PENTA is the SAFETY division of the NOVARC group. We share the same essential values, and the ambition to constantly innovate in order to offer original, high-performance solutions.


A family story

Novarc is first and foremost a family story. It began in 1993, in Malataverne in the Drôme, when Frédéric Croullet bought a company specialising in tools for live and low-voltage work. A visionary, the founder worked closely with his suppliers to create a comprehensive range that could meet all the needs of network electricians.

A decade later, the company diversified into automotive and industrial chemicals. A step aside? Not really! Cars have been a passion in the family for generations! Today, electric mobility brings together two of the group's divisions: Safety and Motion & Industry. In 2021, Novarc will create the Networks division, dedicated to the construction, protection and maintenance of electricity grids.


Novarc, the world of novelty and the ark between people and their destiny

Jean Noêl Rey
Chairman of the board

One Group, Three Business Units

Because each field has its own specific characteristics, and to respond as effectively as possible to its own high standards, Novarc has based its position on 3 divisions.

Each division is an expert in its field, so it can guarantee tools and products that perfectly meet our customers' needs.


The Networks Business Unit designs, manufactures, markets, installs, maintains, and repairs equipment for the construction, protection, and maintenance of electricity networks (from low to high voltage), rail networks and telecoms networks (mobile and cabled).


Novarc Safety has become a world leader in the design and manufacture of network operating equipment, as well as low- and high-voltage safety equipment for both live and de-energised work.

All our products come under the


With the ambition of becoming European leader, the Motion & Industry Business Unit designs, develops and manufactures technical consumables for equipment and renovation, particularly for professionals in the automotive and industrial sectors.


Today, more than 1,300 employees work every day to drive Novarc forward


more employees trained each year


of employees are now shareholders in the Group

Cap 2025

Every 5 years, the Novarc Group looks to the future and draws up a clear roadmap. CAP 2025 sets ambitious targets in line with the world as it moves forward. Supporting the energy and ecological transition of society in general and our customers whilst continuing to grow and expand internationally will be the major challenges of the next 5 years !

To become the world leader in electrical safety, a European leader in technical consumables and a benchmark solution for electrical networks.,

Our goals
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