Our areas of activity

We are the essential partner for linemen, maintenance technicians and electricians working on power generation, transmission, and distribution networks around the world.



Industrial means of producing electricity (nuclear, fossil fuels, renewable energies, etc.)


Power lines that carry electricity from a generation site to a substation.


Any electrical line resulting from the transmission of an electrical substation supplied by the transmission and up to customer metering (public lighting - traffic lights).


Transformer station used to lower or raise electrical voltage.

Cable & connections

Manufacturers of electrical cables or conductors. Cable processing, fixing, preparation of ends, joints, and terminations.


Major industries, large companies and local authorities, the tertiary sector and oil & gas.

Electric traction

Power lines for mobile electric traction equipment such as trains, trams, underground trains, etc. powered by the catenary or a third rail.

Electric mobility

Electromobility-related activities, from the construction to the dismantling of electric cars, buses and other vehicles equipped with on-board batteries. As well as all the infrastructure needed for electric recharging.

Civil security

Any emergency service related to the safety of road users.

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