Insulated gloves

All your questions about our insulating gloves

Rubber insulating gloves have no expiration date, and can be used as long as they pass periodic inspection.

According to the 2014 IEC 60903 standard : “No glove should be put into service unless it has been checked within the preceding twelve months. No glove should be used unless it has been tested within a maximum of six months of being put into service. The date of manufacture is the date of the original test. Testing consists of air inflation to check for air leaks, visual inspection under pressure, followed by a dielectric test...”. This edition of IEC 60903 essentially extends the time before the next periodic inspection to 12 months (stock) + 6 months (in service), and recommends that a dielectric test be carried out on all classes. Local regulations may define a different recommendation for the periodic inspection method for class 00 and 0 gloves (air inflation + visual inspection only), but this must be verified by the user. We also offer a periodic dielectric inspection service. Please contact us for further details.

Do not mix up periodic inspection with pre-use inspection : the latter is strongly recommended, and consists of a visual inspection after air inflation. It is also important to store gloves in their UV-resistant plastic pouch, keeping them away from light, heat and ozone. Ideally, the user should use our EOS pneumatic verifier (to check the entire glove, even the cuff), our new RGX-1704 cleaner to clean gloves perfectly without damaging them, and the new RGX-BGT plastic box for better transport and storage.

Our gloves have special properties and are therefore resistant to acid, oil, ozone and very low temperatures, even though they are not chemical-resistant gloves. As electrical protection gloves, they enable the user to carry out electrical work even in the event of accidental contact with the above chemicals. We recommend replacing contaminated gloves after the operation. Most of our gloves are class RC (maximum), latex class 00 and 0 are AZC (no oil resistance); class 0 RC is available on request.

There's no difference in performance between sliced-edge and rolled-edge gloves, or between gloves of different colors. Color and finish are a matter of local custom.

Store and transport gloves in their original packaging. Do not compress, fold or store near sources of light or heat. Storage temperature between 10°C and 35°C. Temperature of use between -40°C and +55°C.

The warranty period is the same as for the rest of our products, i.e. 12 months (on original defects only). There is no extended warranty on our gloves, as they have no expiration date, and can be used as long as they pass the periodic inspection with flying colors.
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