Give a new life to your tools by recycling them !

26 Sep 2023

Circular economy

PENTA offers you a revolutionary solution to treat your non-hazardous industrial waste (NHW) in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. Gone are the polluting methods of the past, such as burying forgings or using acetone for PVC. We have moved on to a more modern approach. Discover our innovative process based on circular economy and the use of cryogenic liquid nitrogen. Thanks to these cutting-edge techniques, we can give a second life to your insulated tools by recycling them 100%. No waste, no losses, just an environmentally friendly solution for your tools. Our commitments are clear: zero waste, zero losses. Cryogenics gives your tools an ecological second life. By opting for our solution, you actively contribute to preserving the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and avoiding waste of resources. Recycle your tools with PENTA and do your bit for the planet. Join us in our eco-responsible approach and benefit from an efficient and environmentally friendly solution that meets the demands of our time. Contact us today to learn more about our revolutionary recycling process. Together, let's give your tools a second life and work towards a more sustainable future.

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