Ensure your safety with the EOS Pneumatic Insulating Glove Tester

26 Sep 2023

EOS pneumatic insulating glove tester: EOS

Discover the EOS pneumatic insulating glove tester, the essential tool to keep you and your equipment safe. Whether you are in the field or performing a periodic inspection, this pneumatic tester offers you a simple and effective solution to check the integrity of your insulating gloves. Conforming to EN 60903 and IEC 60903 standards, our pneumatic tester provides a complete inspection of the entire glove surface, including the cuff, and thanks to its pneumatic testing system, you will be able to detect the slightest punctures or defects such as holes, cuts, large stains, burns or material alterations. Using our pneumatic tester, you can ensure the reliability and safety of your class 00 and 0 gloves. According to EN 60903, the air leakage check and visual inspection are sufficient for the regular inspection of these glove classes. This saves you time and ensures that your gloves meet the highest safety standards - don't take risks when it comes to protecting your hands. Choose the EOS Pneumatic Insulating Glove Tester and make sure your gloves are always ready for the challenges of your job. Reliable, accurate and easy to use, our pneumatic tester is the perfect investment for your peace of mind and the safety of your equipment. Don't wait any longer, put your trust in EOS and make sure your insulating gloves are in perfect condition every time you use them and during regular inspections. Safety is priceless, and our pneumatic tester puts it within everyone's reach.

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